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About me

About Me

Freelance Photographer

Photography is changing our perception of time, triggering underlying memories, otherwise lost. The sense of time and my desire to feel each second, remember it and cherish its worth, threw me into the world of photography. On a sunny day, filled with crisp air, taste of wet ground, cheesy blue sky, nice pond with ducks, perfectly colored flowers. The time stopped for a second. And suddenly I was struck by the motion around me. Life was spinning so fast. I felt quick and sudden panic. Even in a second the world around me has changed. The frog jumped in the water, the bird was not there anymore, the wind blew the blooming flower and brought the smell of mulch, the voices of the passing kids disappeared. What I have missed? My mind was trying to bring back everything I had glanced at a second ago. It was too much. I realized that time creates that deep fog behind and doesn’t let us bring back moments of joy, happiness and emotions. We remember it was there, but we cannot feel it again. Then I took out my camera, followed the sound of the running water in the near creek, and realized that the bubbling water triggered the sense of motion and brought a new aspect of life in me. What became my passion from that day forward was photographing people, and trying to create that feeling in the images I make. I see the reflection of the world around in the eyes of the passing people; zoomed in, and the iris becomes a “live” mirror. For me, the photography captures a glance of the past mixed with the moment of now, projecting this fine emotional line from the future back to that moment. My vision of good photography is the reflection on the person when the years past; to let the person dive back to the memories filled with emotion, joy, laugh, curiosity, temptation or sadness. At the end, it shows the world an evidence of life.

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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."