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Wedding Venues Charlotte, NC

Finding the perfect venue to host your wedding can be tough, especially with so many different options and features to consider. Surprisingly, Charlotte has a lot to offer when it comes to wedding locations  – from large glamorous venues to cozy contemporary – schick, boutique-style receptions, you would have a lot to chose from. As a passionate photographer, I will try to reveal some romantic and stylish places, and hopefully help you chose the right one for you.

Most of my choices for wedding venues have a few key features in common, which I believe would create a unique feeling for you and your guests. Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic or contemporary-modern style, a venue with large windows would bring light and feel of romance; an impressive view would leave long-lasting memories; vaulted ceilings would bring a sense of open space and glamorous setting of your ceremony. A Large curvy staircase will be a perfect set up for unique photography, or beautiful craved wooden doors can create the perfect entry to your ballroom.

I will post a review for each location which I believe can make your dream wedding a reality.

My first set of choices includes venues with distinct historical and architectural features.

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